Enhanced security to Fidelix’s customers with built-in TOSIBOX® technology

Enhanced security to Fidelix’s customers with built-in TOSIBOX® technology

1.04.2020 – News

Secure remote access is at the center of the modern building automation products and services. To guarantee secure connections, Fidelix has been working in co-operation with Tosibox for several years. Tosibox is the leading provider of secure IoT connectivity solutions.

Now the co-operation has taken the next step and we are launching the TOSIBOX® Readiness secure remote access feature that is directly integrated into the Fidelix flagship products FX-3000-C and FX-Spider-40/10.

“In today’s world the need for reliable and secure connectivity is continuously increasing, even in the smart building industry. Tosibox has made connectivity simple yet highly secure. We are proud to offer our easy and secure remote access solution to Fidelix’s customers through this collaboration as TOSIBOX® Readiness”, says Jarno Limnéll, CEO at Tosibox.

Until recently system integrators have been using Virtual Private Network hardware devices. This new approach brings TOSIBOX® Readiness directly to the FX-3000-C device, so there is no need for an additional VPN hardware device. With the TOSIBOX® Readiness integration the customer can establish a secure VPN connection without prior installation or additional hardware costs for security products – the only step needed is to activate the security function in the existing product.

This new feature provides users with secure VPN connection capabilities to FX-3000-C and Fx-Spider-40/10. TOSIBOX® Readiness enables secure remote access that is easy to establish and use.

With TOSIBOX® Readiness inside Fidelix products, we will have one secure solution which will help system integrators, maintenance personnel and building managers working in the smart building sector. TOSIBOX® Readiness brings huge savings to working and travel time.” says Pekka Lantto, Head of R&D at Fidelix. “This also improves customer satisfaction as potential problems can be fixed remotely and therefore faster.”

The FX-3000-C system is designed for larger buildings, such as hospitals, schools, shopping malls and larger apartment complexes. The FX-Spider-40/10 is ideal for building automation renovations due to its compact size and easy installation.

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Pekka Lantto, Head of R&D, Fidelix, +358 44 5589315, pekka.lantto@fidelix.fi
Jarno Limnéll, CEO, Tosibox, +358 40 5276173, jarno.limnell@tosibox.com


Fidelix and TOSIBOX® technologies worked together in Fidelix projects in Oodi Central Library and Amos Rex.

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