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The building automation industry is transforming. Marked by the emergence of developments like IoT integration, machine learning, and predictive maintenance, these shifts are revolutionising efficiency, responsiveness and sustainability.

These changes are unlocking great opportunities. Companies that harness such cutting-edge developments can not only secure a competitive edge in the present but also position themselves adeptly for future challenges.

At Fidelix, innovation lies at the heart of what we do. We grasp the subtle intricacies of this evolving landscape and guide our customers toward seamless integration. Leveraging our deep expertise, you are empowered to confidently traverse the building automation domain, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.

Industry evolution

From switches to sensors to automation systems, building automation has seen immense change:

  • As technology has improved, user demands have risen. Integrated systems that anticipate, rapidly respond, manage energy, and optimise comfort are now standard.
  • IoT integration was a huge leap forward, enabling seamless communication and no human intervention. This paved the way for smarter, more efficient buildings.
  • Wireless technologies also emerged, simplifying installation in existing structures. Facility management evolved too, integrating systems for efficiency, comfort, and savings.
  • Building automation now enables sustainability, reducing consumption through system oversight, ensuring regulatory compliance.

The power of modern automation

While traditional controllers operate independently, interconnectedness is now essential. End-users want cloud connectivity, remote access, data sharing, and predictive insights.

A company specialising in air handling units would traditionally rely on manual maintenance like biannual filter changes. But with modern automation, real-time data can trigger notifications of needed checks or replacements. This ensures performance and reduces overheads.

“Products purchased today can still get updates years later, ensuring longevity”

The Fidelix advantage

  • Adaptable systems with customisation: The core firmware is ours, but we empower modification of specific PLC programmes. As needs evolve, systems adapt.
  • Integration mastery: More than a buzzword. Industry standard integration across diverse systems is our hallmark.
  • Tailored solutions: One size does not fit all. We craft solutions aligned to unique requirements with the right tools and frameworks.

Getting the most out of your offering

EasyLink, our IoT gateway module, exemplifies our commitment to innovation. It bridges controllers to the cloud.

Recognising potential for continuous cloud-enabled updates, one client transitioned EasyLink from optional to standard. This reflects a broader trend: products purchased today can still get updates years later, ensuring longevity.

Partnership for the future

The risk of a product becoming obsolete and diminishing a building's value over the course of a couple of decades is real. With Fidelix at your side, however, this doesn’t have to be a concern. Our commitment to innovation ensures that our OEM customers aren’t just meeting the current demands for automation-enabled digitalisation but are also poised for the future.

The integration of cloud connectivity and the readiness to embrace AI and machine learning are essentials for preparing for the market of the future. By partnering with Fidelix, you're securing a future where your offering continues to lead, adapt, and thrive.

We helped our partner Hitatækni stand out in Iceland's competitive hot tub controller market by providing a unique, cost-effective solution with advanced features such as a full colour touch display and remote access capabilities, all while ensuring seamless integration with building management systems for enhanced efficiency and control.

Support that goes beyond

Our support transcends tech troubleshooting. We are partners serving as the backbone behind OEM manufacturers.

We offer training and expertise so clients stay updated on industry trends. When one of our air handling customers wanted EasyLink upgrades, we aided every step from version updating to feature training.

We assist OEM sales teams with documentation and certification too. In a rapidly evolving industry, updating isn’t a luxury but a necessity. With Fidelix, embracing partnership means embracing the future.

Embark on a journey towards innovation and collaborative success—discover our OEM custom solutions and let's shape the future together.


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