BMS Retrofit gives a new life to buildings and increases efficiency

BMS Retrofit gives a new life to buildings and increases efficiency

Where a full renovation requires a more comprehensive renewal of a BMS, a BMS retrofit gives a new life to the pre-existing hardware and equipment. In addition to being a sustainable solution that reuses pre-existing installation, BMS retrofit often leads to better cost and energy efficiency. Read more about the ins and out of Fidelix retrofit solutions!

What does a BMS retrofit mean?

There are two ways to update a BMS in a building, which already has a functioning building management system, but which might need extensive modernizing. First option is to renovate the controllers and their control panels entirely, including the field devices and even cabling. Quite often also the physical HVAC devices, such as air supply units, and district heating devices are changed while renovating.

A lighter option for a renovation is a BMS retrofit. Retrofitting a building management system is a process of replacing old controllers, I/O’s and room controllers with new ones without making any changes to field equipment and cabling, unless seen necessary.

Unlike in renovation, the existing field devices, sensors and regulating units are preserved in a retrofit. The existing cabling is reused and reutilized, too, to connect the new controllers and field devices. Once the controller units have been replaced, the entire system will be tested comprehensively, and any faulty or defective parts will be replaced with new ones. Finally, any necessary adjustments to the programming of the BMS are carried out.

When should I choose Retrofit over a Renovation of a BMS?

Retrofit can be a great option for any existing site that needs an overall facelift and modernizing for their BMS.


Some of the most common reasons to choose a retrofit are:

  • Lower costs: Current automation system is outdated and therefore availability for service and spare parts is decreased. This, in turn, often increases the maintenance costs.

  • Energy efficiency: If your goal is to increase energy efficiency, retrofit is a great way to increase the effectiveness of the BMS, allowing a building to use less energy and to optimize its energy consumption.

  • Standardization: Quite often the unit controllers in BMS’s are very fragmented in terms of brands and manufacturers. With a retrofit project, all controllers can be pulled together under one controller system.

  • Centralized building management: If a site does not have a centralized building automation system in use, and is using unit-based controllers instead, automation brings a centralized management system to the entire building. This also enhances data security and enables safe remote access and control.


Read more about how to choose between a BMS Retrofit and full renovation.


Cabling work in progress during a successful BMS retrofit project. Image: Fidelix.


How Fidelix can help me with my Retrofit project?

Fidelix offers you advice and a site survey on how to carry out a retrofit project that is tailored to your site and its specific needs and qualities.

We also have a versatile range of I/O modules for harnessing the pre-existing cabling on site effectively.

In addition, Fidelix has a good selection of room controllers and central control units.

Our local HMIs are modern, capacitive, and customizable to your building, maximizing the ease of use and user-friendliness.


3 Reasons Why Fidelix products are ideal for a Retrofit  

1. An open system

Thanks to our open system, you can connect almost anything to Fidelix - and vice versa. We’re able to utilize all pre-existing field devices in a BMS retrofit.

2. Wide applicability of architecture

Fidelix BMS’s are very applicable in terms of their architecture. Our “one-shoe-fits-all” solution saves you from a lot of designing work.

3. Wirelessness

Our systems support wireless operation, enabling you to bring your BMS to the present.


Got interested? Whether you’re interested in a specific component in our product catalogue or need extensive building management systems, we got you covered. Let us know how we can help you succeed by getting in touch today.

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