FX-3000-X to ensure extensive compatibility of systems in the future

Fidelix has developed a new generation central unit

4.06.2024 –

Building a more sustainable future also requires increasingly advanced technology from building automation systems. This is provided by Fidelix's new Linux-based building automation central unit, FX-3000-X.

Extensive compatibility with both older product generations and other building technology systems has always been a specialty of Fidelix's building automation system. As technology advances, secure integrations and connectivity with other systems will play an even more critical role.

The introduction of Fidelix's building automation system into the Linux environment is primarily driven by the desire to ensure the exceptional openness, compatibility, and integratability of the Fidelix system in the future as the number of new technologies increases.

From the perspective of property management, the FX-3000-X doesn't radically change anything; as a central unit, it operates and provides the same building technology control capabilities as the widely used previous generation Fidelix devices. The technology remains compatible with all previous Windows-based systems. Installation continues along the lines of previous product generations.

"In the new Linux-based system, there are opportunities and capabilities for the future to react to technological advancements more efficiently and rapidly than ever before."

For users, the new technology is especially evident in the user interface, which utilizes graphics for a significantly more intuitive and familiar experience, particularly for younger users accustomed to smartphones.

In the development process, Fidelix has further invested in user support by producing training and support materials in video format to guide users in system operation and usage.

Explore the new generation Fidelix FX-3000-X central unit.



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