Fidelix FAQ: Everything you need to know about us

Fidelix FAQ: Everything you need to know about us

You asked, and we answer! In this blog post we shed light on the most frequently asked questions about our unique service and products.

1. Training: What kind of training does Fidelix offer and for who?

We offer tailored and personalized training for our customers to implement their projects effectively. Our expert usually spends 2-3 days with your engineers going through the Fidelix software with the help of the actual hardware.

In other words, we don’t just leave you with a manual, but walk our clients through the programming process. In most cases the training in based on a specific project with a hands-on approach. We go through the best programming practices and good logic for the particular system in question. With the help of our free training you can guarantee better profitability for your project, as programming is done efficiently and without costly mistakes or delays.

The training can be organized online or face-to-face – whichever way you prefer. For online meetings we can deliver you a hardware demo (e.g. a display and a room controller), which we will go through together.

2. References: What kind of projects has Fidelix carried out?

With the help of our partners, we’ve designed and installed over 30,000 successful automation projects. Our consultation and design expertise are of top-quality and always flexibly tailored to your needs.

Thanks to our global network, implementations and project executions are always done with trusted Fidelix partners locally.

3. Hardware supply and stock: How quickly can I get the hardware? How’s your service security and delivery reliability?

We have a small stock in Belgium, which allows us to ship replacement pieces, small number of additional modules and demo equipment quickly. For the demos in the Benelux area, we pre-assemble the hardware for you, which means that all you need to do is unpack it, plug it in and enjoy the training.

For larger projects, we ship from Finland, where we have good availability all year round. Because we have everything on shelf for our own installation projects non-stop, we are able to deliver all equipment for your projects quickly and reliably.

4. Programming our controllers: What are your software and programming interface like?

Our software and programming environment are becoming increasingly more intuitive and we’re adding new templates all the time, and the interface is currently being optimized for easy template-based programming. This makes programming interface easier and quicker for you. What is more, we offer continuous and hands-on training and support for all projects. Our aim is to help you learn the ropes and become confident with the Fidelix programming interface in the long run.

You’re never alone with our products and we make sure you get all the programming support you need. Our dedicated libraries are also at your disposal, if necessary.

Our architecture is very open and allows all kinds of projects to be programmed. Instead of having multiple dedicated controllers per application, Fidelix only has one or two controllers – with a wide range of dedicated templates for them.

We have our own software-environment for programming our controllers, which is easy and clear and template-based. If you want delve deeper and create your own code, we follow the industrial standard IEC61131-3 language, which you can utilize.

5. Support: What's Fidelix support and maintenance like? Can I talk to the right person in case I need help?

To be fair – we rarely need maintenance as all our hardware is brand new and high-quality.

We offer hands-on support and stand ready to serve all our client’s personally. You’ll always have a dedicated point of contact with your project who will be there throughout the project and beyond to help you with all your questions.

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Whether you’re interested in a specific component in our product catalogue or need extensive building management systems, we got you covered. Let us know how we can help you succeed by getting in touch today:

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