Fidelix acquires technology developer Lansen

15.6.2022 – News

Fidelix acquires technology developer Lansen

Assemblin’s subsidiary Fidelix is acquiring Lansen System AB (“Lansen”), which develops wireless hardware for smart buildings.

Lansen, established in 2012, develops and sells sensors and other wireless hardware devices used in smart buildings. The competitiveness of Lansen’s products lies mainly in the wireless technology applied, with its long range and low battery consumption, which keep operating costs down. The focus is on products that are compatible with major open communication standards such as OMS, wM-Bus, mioty, MQTT etc. Lansen currently generates annual sales of about SEK 15 million, has five employees and is headquartered in Halmstad, Sweden, but the company is active throughout the Nordic region as well as in mainland Europe. The company’s customers are OEMs, individual metering and debiting (IMD) companies and automation integrators that need hardware to deliver their services.

“We have come to know Lansen as a highly-skilled and efficient company with nicely designed products, of which we have very good experience ourselves. Their solutions are highly attractive, and we assess Lansen’s growth potential as considerable,” says Tero Kosunen, President of Fidelix and Business Area Manager, Assemblin Finland.
Since 2019, Fidelix has had a 40-percent holding in Lansen and is now acquiring the remaining 60 percent from Lansen’s founders, Martin Hallberg and Patrick Simpson.

“We have become well-acquainted with Fidelix as a committed owner with a good understanding of our operations. We are very proud of the company we have already built up, but now we see that we need support in accelerate the growth. As part of Fidelix and Assemblin, we will be able to further scale up our operations, which we look forward to,” says Martin Hallberg CTO and Patrick Simpson COO at Lansen.

For further information on Lansen System AB, please see

For further information, contact:
Martin Hallberg CTO at Lansen, , +46 736 846 635
Patrick Simpson COO at Lansen, +46 736 846 679
Tero Kosunen, President of Fidelix and Business Area Manager, Assemblin Finland, +358 504 441 200
Åsvor Brynnel, Head of Communications and Sustainability, Assemblin, +46 10 475 39 48

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