Why choose Fidelix as your BMS partner – Key benefits

Why choose Fidelix as your BMS partner – Key benefits

Fidelix takes your BMS business to the next level. With our versatile components and service, you can be sure that your building automation projects with system integrations will go smoothly. Reducing costly engineering work is our mission.

Whether you’re interested in a specific component in our product catalogue or need extensive building management systems, we got you covered. This article introduces you to the key benefits of Fidelix.

What does Fidelix offer?

Our versatile BMS-controllers, I/O-modules, unitary controllers and HMIs are used in a wide range of building automation systems. They ensure efficient instalment and easy monitoring for your end-users – the building owners.

What differentiates us from several other BMS manufacturers is the fact that we are also integrators. Thanks to our experience and knowledge in integration, we understand our integrator partners’ challenges and perspectives to the core.

We’ve completed over 30 000 Building Automation Projects, ranging from less than 50 to over 100 000 data points. We have end-users in hotels, hospitals, business and industrial premises, blocks of flats - to name a few.




Key benefits of Fidelix

We operate on the lowest possible number of equipment in the market, which saves you a lot of engineering work while at the same time having all the features of a modern BMS.

  1. Fast calculation of offers
    No need to go through complex product catalogues and choose from hundreds of items. With our centralized portfolio you are able to carry out all your building automation projects with just few components.  

  2. Easy design
    Fidelix BMS’s are very simple in terms of their architecture. This is because the products are so versatile. Our “one-fits-all” solution saves you from a lot of designing work.

  3. Openness of architecture
    You can connect almost anything to Fidelix - and vice versa.

  4. Fast deliveries
    Due to our reduced product portfolio and continuous integration projects, we have all our products in stock 365 days a year.

  5. No licenses required
    All our equipment works 100% license-free. You’re flexible with installations and secure with your project calculations. In other words, there are no hidden fees. 

  6. Easy implementation
    We offer teaching and training for all our partners free of extra charge. We create templates, pre-program, visit sites and build customized project libraries, and so forth. Your success is our priority.


Additional benefits enabling your efficiency and successful BMS projects

Local presence

With our local presence we want to make sure you get the help you need, when you need it – with the right person. Nothing can be more frustrating than being stuck in a faceless customer support vortex. In order to help our customers efficiently, we at Fidelix focus on human-to-human interaction.

Continuous development and support help you succeed

We stand ready to help you. Helping you succeed and do your job the best possible way is in our DNA. Free continuous consultation and training is something you get as a given when working with Fidelix. We calculate offers and optimizations, visit our clients on-site, response to your questions, solve problems hands-on to make your day-to-day work easier.

As a manufacturer and integrator, we are at the forefront of the BMS business. With our hands-on experience, human-to-human approach, and market-leading versatile BMS technologies, we know how to make your business succeed.

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